Saturday, July 16, 2022

The 9th Annual FEEEDS-Gallup Africa Forum, July 14, 200 - Another Successful Year, Another Successful Event!

(l-r, Amb. Robin Sanders, Rwandan Amb. Mukantabana, USTDA Director Ebong, Gallup Africa Dir. Rheault, NSC Africa Director Devermont, Benin Amb. do Rego
 July 14, 2022, In-Person Event!
The 9th Annual FEEEDS-GALLUP Africa Forum
"Trade, the Diaspora & Policy: Paths to Strengthening the US-Africa Relationship"
Enoh Ebong 
Director, U.S. Trade & Development Agency
Judd Devermont
Special Assistant to the President & Africa Senior Advisor, National Security Council
Magali Rheault - Gallup Data Scene Setter
Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Director, Gallup World Poll
Time & Date: 2pm-4:15pm (ET), July 14, 2022 (In-Person)
Address: 901 F St, NW Washington D.C 20004 (entrance is on 9th)
1:30pm Registration Check-in
2pm - 3pm Program (on time start)
3pm-3:30 Questions
3:30-4:00pm - Wrap-Up
4:15 - Departures
 Amb. Robin Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS & Gallup Senior Scientist
Jon Clifton, CEO - Gallup
Amadou; Stan Straughter - ACBC; Sylvester Okere - UPAC
Titus Olowokere-USAfricaTrade, Parashu Nepal-IDI
Annual Forum’s Objective: Highlight Africa topics with dialogue & data              

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

AJA News interviews Amb. Robin Sanders on African Union Chairman Macky Sall's-Putin Meeting to Release Grain

 Aljazeera (AJA) News interviews Ambassador Robin Sanders on African Union (AU) Chairman Macky Sall's meeting with Russian President Valdimir Putin, as Sall, representing Africa's diplomacy, seeks release of wheat stocks being held hostage as Russian blocks food stocks and other goods on ships stuck in the Ukrainian Port of Odessa. 

Sall, who is also President of Senegal, along with Chairperson of the AU Commission, Moussa Faki Mahamat, encouraged the Russian President not to continue to have Africa be a victim of the current war. The Continent's current food insecurity crisis, which was already reeling from upticks in regional conflicts, and the impact of COVID, has been further hurt as the transport of global food stocks and prices of wheat and corn are impacted by the Russian-Ukraine War. The Region's ever-worsening food crisis is affecting daily some 8.4 million people.* Over the last 4 years, the African Continent imported nearly 44 percent of its wheat from Russian, valued at over $3.7 billion, and 12 percent from Ukraine valued at $1.4 billion. Furthermore, globally, Russian supplies about 12 percent of the world's wheat.**

*Source: Africa Live, TV June 6, 2022; 

** Grain supply tops Putin-African Union head talks agenda - ABC News ( As War Continues, Africa Food Crisis Looms | Human Rights Watch (

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Dr. Sanders on Nigeria's Channels TV on the passing of Madeleine Albright & Her Impact on US Leadership

 See Dr. Sanders on Nigeria's Channels TV on the passing of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright -- highlighting her impact on US and NATO leadership; American Women's Leadership in the U.S. Government as first female Secretary of State; and Albright's foreshadowing of Russia's current behavior leading up to invasion of Ukraine. Sanders remarks begin at minute 49:53:  

Ukraine: Zelensky Makes Plea For Full Membership Of EU + More Stories | Russian Invasion - YouTube

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Sanders Appears on China Global Television Discussing the China-Africa Annual Forum

During China Global Television Network (CGTN) "The Heat," news program, Ambassador Sanders discussed China's approach to Africa, and highlighted the annual China-Africa Forum, as an example, that China has held with Continental leaders annually since the 1990s. She noted how important it is for the US to engage Africa on its own terms and "do what we do best," by stepping up more and demonstrating our commitment and the strategic partnership on trade and other key issues from democracy to security that it wants with the region as well as its goal of building stronger ties: The Heat: China-Africa Forum - YouTube

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