Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Panel on Today's Transnational Threats & Podcast on Linking Data-Policy-Dialogue in Addressing Africa's Development Needs

Below are links to several podcast & panels which either feature or include Ambassador Sanders as a panelist:

-- Sanders participates in Georgetown University's International School of Diplomacy's (ISD) panel on today's Transnational Threats. Sanders was asked to discuss these issues in Africa. Panel discussion can be found here.

-- Sanders on Gallup's Podcast highlighting the importance of the data-policy-dialogue linkages needed in order to concretely understand & improve life quality & development for Africa, particularly for Africa's women and region's young people

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

FEEEDS Global Issues Update: Concordia's 2021 Summit Report, Women's Health Index, Democracy Regression & Climate Change/COP26

As a follow-up to its recent, and well-respect annual summit, always held on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly, Concordia's 2021 event highlighted the state of the world's social and business issues. This year's Concordia Summit, its 11th, had nearly 300 speakers addressing international issues. You can learn more by reading the report on the summit now liveas well as review some of the key factoids around global issues, which were  highlighted at the 4-day event(2021 summit: by the numbers). The Summit was held both virtually, and with limited in-person interaction

Ambassador Sanders, as a global advocate on key development issues, is a senior advisor to Concordia. One of the key session for Dr. Sanders, as CEO-FEEEDS, was the data presentation on the Women's Health Index done by Hologic with polling done in partnership by Gallup World Poll on key health concerns for women. The Index focuses on health issues as well as servicing gaps for women world-wide in some 116 countries based on interviews with 120,000 women. Other issues during the Summit which resonated with FEEEDS' advocacy were turn-backs on democracy, COVID'pushing more people into extreme poverty, and  COP26. Below are some highlights on these key FEEEDS's advocacy issues, which were highlighted by various speakers in various ways during the Summit:

-- Turn-backs on Democracy:  Pressures on democracy (what FEEEDS calls "Democracy Regression") continues to increase across every region of the world, through both government and unilateral actions (from Myanmar to Brazil and coups in West Africa) as well as extreme societal and political divides in countries like the United States, France, Germany and India;

-- COVID-19 & Poverty: COVID-19, is not only turning back the clock on previous global efforts to reduce poverty (2000-2015 MDGs & 2015-2030 SDGS underway now), but possibly pushing another 97 million more people into extreme poverty (define as less than $1.90/day). We must step up and make three-times the effort to get back to pre-pandemic levels, which in and of themselves were stark. Pre-pandemic 2019 levels had 635 million people (see chart on 2015-2020) living in extreme poverty, even though great global reductions had been achieved year-on-year over the last decade. COVID-19 not only stopped progress, but turned back the clock on poverty reduction. The most recent extreme global poverty figures by the World Bank has the combined the 2019 pre-pandemic poverty figure (635 miilion), with the COVID-driven additional 97 million -- resulting in a projected 2021 total figure of  711 million people who face extreme poverty today. (NB: U.S., Brazil & India, in that order, had highest COVID deaths);

-- Climate Change & COP26: Bottom line is faster action and larger financial commitments are needed to reduce the affects of climate change by both governments, business, and institutions. Underscoring these two points, numerous Concordia's Summit sessions further stressed that we need to move three times faster in order to reach the net zero goal of reducing carbon emissions by 1.5˚C. In addition, there needs to be more action on helping with climate refugees and climate famine as both are growing at alarming rates.  It was recognized that a lot depended, of course, on what the 26th United Nations' climate change meeting of the Conference of Parties in Glasgow, United Kingdom produced, (better known as COP26). So far here is where we are on a few areas coming out of COP26 (section will be updated as other commitments come in and are clarified):

-- 100 world leaders attended;

-- 450 global businesses promised to climate reduction by 2023, valued at  USD$130 trillion;1

-- Net 0 - United Kingdom announced it would become a "net zero financial center," where firms would publish their climate actions;2 

-- $11 billion pledged by the United States to help developing countries with climate change;3

-- $19 billion committed by 100 countries to address deforestation and forest degradation, including assistance with rebuilding and rejuvenating the world's forest over the  next 8 years. Included in this pledge was $1.7billion to assist and support indigenous peoples in the world's key rain forest area. (NB: Of note, rain forest areas as large as the United Kingdom were lost last year due to climate change; 85 percent of the world's forest are in Brazil, Congo Basin & Indonesia. Dr. Sanders has been to all three);4

-- 100 countries signed on to the U.S. & UK led push for reductions in methane gas, another contributor to climate change CO2 emissions;  (NB: Top U.S. CO2  emissions in this order are fossil fuels (transportation, industry, electricity, homes & businesses); agriculture (methane gas); unmanaged land and forestry use.5

 -- 40 countries also pledged to shift away from coal/fossil fuel. However, there is a lot of leeway in what this might mean from new investments to financing and production.  Varying dates for ending total use were conveyed. Biggest polluters -- China, U.S., Australia, India and Japan -- did not sign onto this pledge.6

-- $105 billion committed to help spur green energy projects in developing nations was also pledged.7

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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ambassador Sanders: Remembering Secretary Colin Powell -- the Person

Having served in the U.S. diplomatic corps during the tenure of Secretary Colin Powell, Ambassador Sanders' shares one of her remembrances of him in a television interview about the late General -- highlighting that he was not only one of the nation's top policy and strategic leaders, but leaves a legacy of kindness, thoughtfulness, and inclusiveness with his passing. Sanders also had the honor to be sworn into her first Ambassadorship,  to the Republic of Congo by the late Secretary, with the ceremony which also included Ambassador Andrew Young (see photos. 

Ambassador Sanders was the first
woman and first African-American
to serve as U.S. Ambassador to 
Republic of Congo, and later was
the first woman of any ethnic 
background to serve as Ambassador
to Nigeria. Click the link to hear 
Ambassador Sanders televised remembrance: 

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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Ambassador Robin Sanders & General Kip Ward: Africa Podcast: Security, US-Africa Relations & US-Africa-China

 As part of the podcast series " The General and the Ambassador,"  produced by the prestigious American Academy of Diplomacy, with the support of the University of North Carolina Global Affairs, Chapel Hill, Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders and General Kip Ward, outline for the audience a range of US-Africa issues including but not limited to encouraging Americans to both understand and appreciate the importance of the US-Africa relationship. This includes ensuring the continent's key partnership in U.S. national security and fighting terrorism and extremism in the region; its role in the U.S. economic prosperity as Africa is home to the world's largest next generation of economic, political and innovators leaders. Ambassador Sanders and General Ward bring their respective views to the podcast as to how the US can better manage what is being referred to today as the "Great Powers Competition," (GPC) between the US and China, and how Africa see this issue and the region's  desire to have a relationship and partnership with the US above and beyond the GPC.  Scroll below to see flyer and topic highlights from the podcast and click on Ambassador Sanders' and General Ward's Podcast to hear the Ambassador and the General discuss current key US-Africa issues: 

The General and the Ambassador
The US and West Africa: Opportunities and Dangers
with Ambassador Robin Sanders and General Kip Ward 

Key topics:
  • The Opportunities - markets, youth bulge and UN votes
  • The Dangers - political instability, sharply rising violence from criminal networks and extremist groups
  • The US Africa Command and US Assistance programs 
  • Implications of the withdrawal of the French military
  • Great power competition on the continent. 
Click and Listen Here!

Ambassador Robin Sanders was the US Ambassador to Nigeria (2007-2010) and to Congo (2003-2005).  She also served as the Permanent Representative to ECOWAS, Director for Africa at the NSC and Deputy Commandant of the NDU Eisenhower College. She is the CEO of FEEEDS and FE3DS, focusing on Africa.


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General Ward was the Commander of US Africa Command (2007-2011). Just prior, he was Deputy Commander, US European Command. His other assignments include Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Egypt and the Joint Staff.  Currently, he is the President of the Sentel Corporation. 

Friday, August 27, 2021

Ambassador Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS, Appointed Concordia's Senior Advisor, Prestigious Leading Global Organization Fostering Collaboration on Global Issues

Below follows Concordia's announcement of its new Senior Advisors, who will help the organization further its mission to "create a global community where challenges are solved collaboratively and inclusively by actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact." Ambassador Sanders will be participating in Concordia's upcoming annual summit of world political, business, and social impact leaders held during this year's United Nations session. Dr. Sanders will also advise and lend insights for its international and domestic events and meetings throughout 2021-2022.

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of 60 Advisors and Senior Advisors to the Concordia community for 2021-22. 

Selected from a pool of over 125 nominees, this impressive group of individuals, representing a multitude of sectors, industries, and geographies, will play an instrumental role in guiding the direction, development, and growth of Concordia over the next 12 months. From lending their insight into policy developments to sharing their expertise on innovations in their respective industries, Concordia’s Advisors and Senior Advisors are carefully selected by Concordia’s executive leadership, Leadership Council, Board of Directors, and staff, and serve for a one-year term. 

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