Sunday, November 2, 2014

Ambassador Sanders Does Week Long Visiting Scholar Program @ Gannon University, Caps off with Keynote

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Dr. Sanders gives keynote speech @ Gannon University
Highlights the Importance of the US-Africa Relationship
During Ambassador Sanders' keynote speech entitled: The Elements of the US-Africa Relationship: Building on the Historic US-Africa Summit  focused on how important it is for the United States to further expand the goodwill from the recent of conclave of African Leaders in Washington, D.C. August 4-6, 2014.  She highlighted the key elements or build blocks of the relationship, noted the challenges, and also underscored the positives trajectory of many African nations and the Continent writ large, stressing how the U.S. can better engage with this growing politically and economically important region. Sanders explained to the audience, which included Gannon University students and faculty, as well as leading members of the wider Erie, Pennsylvania community, that the U.S. needed to ensure that the next generation of young Africans, between the ages of 10 years old and 30, see the U.S. as a partner they can work with; and, a partner that respects the region and its people.

Dr. Sanders said that the U.S. has come along way in the last decade in turn the corner with its relationship with Africa, adding that the historic 2014 Summit was designed to have America be more comprehensive and strategic in its approach to the region that it had previously been. 

The keynote was the culmination of Ambassador Sanders week visit to Gannon where she also lectured on 12-15 different topics related to Africa, intercultural understanding, the role of the United Nations today, international relations, food security, Africa Development issues, Women's Education, Ebola, human cultural communications, global engagement, problem solving, career advice and women's issues in the global arena. She also discussed her recent book "The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria," noting the importance of rituals and protecting and respecting cultural practices

Dr. Sanders also met with resettled African refugees from Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, South Sudan, Sierra Leona  at the Quality of Life Center run by Director Gary Horton to hear their challenges as their lives transition from refugees-to-immigrants-to-"New Americans."  In addition Sanders participated in a career day luncheon with African-American female high school Students in a college preparatory program called Go College.