Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Handshake with the Nigerian President and Meetings with Governors

May 22-23 had me traveling to Imo and Abia states in southeastern Nigeria following my second visit to Rivers State in the Niger Delta. Not only did I have fruitful discussions with both Governors, but I visited a school and presented school supplies to the most gifted students of the Orlu secondary school and also visited a potential site for our next American Corner. On May 25 I had the singular honor to be with the President of Nigeria and a U.S. Company to sign an agreement on U.S. investment.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ambassador's Scholarship Fund Makes a Splash in Rivers State

May 21 - I just had a great time speaking to 620 Niger Delta students in River State in the city of Port Harcourt about Peace in the region and their dedication to better lives and education. I also met with the USG-funded Peace Clubs through the IFESH CALM project who sang and danced for Peace!

Key U.S. NGO Figure and I talk about Election Reform

Over the last three days I had the privilege, with IFESH President Dr. Julie Sullivan, of listening to issues from over 100 representatives of Nigerian civil society from all over the country expressing their views about the need for progress on key Nigerian democracy issues from election reform, building voter awareness and women's issues, to helping young people. On the Niger Delta, protecting civilians caught in the crossfire of the conflict and finding a peaceful comprehensive settlement to issues so that education and development can thrive was extensively discussed. The U.S. Government helps in development in Nigeria, including in the Delta, and calls for the protection of all civilian lives.

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