Friday, January 17, 2014

Ambassador Sanders at Brookings Institute: Discusses Africa's key Economic Development Areas

As part of a high level panel of Africa experts, Ambassador Sanders highlights her perspective on Africa 2014 and key areas of development -- SMEs, agriculture, ICT, support to the African Diaspora, education, and vocational training -- to address long term wealth creation and improvement in the quality of life for the majority of the African population. Click link to see program:

Dr. Sanders Discusses Africa Peace & Conflict Issues on VOA

As CEO of FEEEDS, Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders was part of an expert panel on VOA's "Straight Talk Africa," hour long  television and call-in program discussing long term peace, security, and conflict issues impacting Sub-Saharan Africa with host Shaka Sali. Click link below to view show

Dr. Sanders with VOA News Hosts Shaka Sali (r) & Miriam Diallo (l)