Monday, April 22, 2019

U.S. Government's BUILD Act: How the Act Can Invigorate U.S-Africa Economic & Investment Ties

Photo: Rep. Ed Royce &
Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders 
Since the U.S. BUILD Act was signed into law last See featured column article, first published in the prestigious, pan-Africa online media outlet,, written by the former Chairman of the U.S. Congress House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee, Ed Royce and former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Robin Renee Sanders, on the importance of the U.S. Government's, BUILD Act. The BUILD Act seeks to invigorates US-Africa economic ties: Africa: How the BUILD Act Can Invigorate U.S. Economic Ties.

The article was also reprinted/republished by the following prestigious organization/associations, overseas and domestic newspapers and wire services, and online outlets focused on business and the economy:

              I. Key newsletters of the following prestigious government, business, and   diplomatic organizations & associations published & share article with their members: CCA, International Global Development (IGD), American Academy of Diplomacy, and American Academy of National Security Leaders

              II. The list of overseas & domestic publications which published the article: 
·  Africa, ·  Africa Intelligence
·  Africa Intelligence ·  African Examiner
·  African Searchlight
·  All Africa ·
·  Aproko 247
·  Arewa Online
·  Bella Naija
·  Best Naira News
·  Big News Network
·  Big Nigeria ·  Biz Watch Nigeria
·  Business News ·  CKN Nigeria

·  Cable
·  Channels TV
·  Citizen
·  Daily Post
·  Daily Review Online
·  Daily Star
·  Eagle Online
·  Eagle Reporters
·  Editorial Nigeria
·  Elombah
·  Factual Reporters
·  Frontiers News
·  Gamji
·  Gistyinka Blog
·  Global Village Extra
·  Google
·  Gossip Nigeria
·  Herald ·  Radio Nigeria
·  Asian Fortune         ·  Beacon
·  Big News Network     
· DC Spotlight                   
·  District Chronicles ·  El Tiempo Latino
·  GW Hatchet ·  Georgetown Voice
·  Hilltop
·  Hoya
·  Joint Base Journal
· Las Americas
·  Metro Weekly
·  News Channel 8
·  News by State
·  Politico
·  Roll Call
· Washington Afro American
· Washington Business Journal
·  Washington Chinese News
·  Washington City Paper
·  Washington Continent
·  Washington Hispanic
·  Washington Informer
·  Washington Life Magazine

 III. The following online media outlets also picked up the press release on the Royce-Sanders article: 
Central Europe Online    
 Inside China Today    

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Sanders Serves as Visiting Woodrow Wilson Scholar at CBU, Riverside, California

CEO-FEEEDS, Dr. Robin Sanders served as the 2019 annual Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar at Catholic Baptist University(CBU), Riverside, California. Her worked focused on educating students about world affairs, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSAfrica), implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa, particularly in the health and education sectors, sharing the goals of the U.S.' trade facilitation program called the African Growth and Opportunity Act (or AGOA), and stressing the importance of Americans seeing SSAfrica differently as a
strategic investment, trade, and security partner.

Dr. Sanders was also given a tour of CBU's upgraded air fleet  of Piper 2-seater planes at its flight school, which included a  hands on flight with the school's flight director and Sanders taking the plane controls for a short period to loop over the famous, but rare " super blooming poppy fields," of California's Lake Elsinore and Walker Canyon of Western Riverside County.

As part of her subject matter expertise on Africa, Sanders also discussed the China-Africa and US-Africa relationships, noting that these were separate relationships and not a tripartite or 3-dimensional relationship. "Africa will chose its partners, and we can work with the region to help in better scrutinizing contracts, sharing best practices, and pushing our competencies, our value-added expertise, and assist with capacity building" Sanders added.

While at CBU Ambassador Sanders, in addition to her lectures with students, gave a public speech entitled The U.S & 21st Century Africa," as part of a joint CBU-World Affairs Council event that also included a book signing of both Sanders books -