Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sanders on Opportunities for US-Africa Relations with New U.S. Administration

Ambassador Sanders is interviewed by Nigeria's Television Continental (TVC) on opportunities for US-Africa Relations with the new U.S. Administration. She also discusses the focus of her new book "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Businesses: Spurring Development & Growing the Middle Class," which highlights how Africa's small businesses are changing the region's economy, and helping with job creation. See link: https://youtu.be/j1wqDeAAe0Y


Friday, March 3, 2017

Allafrica.com Highlights Sanders' New Book on Insta-impact of Africa's SMEs

Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders’ new book on “The Rise of Africa’s Small & Medium Size Enterprises” (SMEs) is an insightful examination of the dramatic shift in the development paradigm for Sub Saharan Africa – driven in large part by the imaginative, innovative and insta-impact leadership of the region’s small businesses or SMEs. “SMEs have helped drive economic growth and aided in increasing the size of the Continent’s middle class,” Sanders says. The book’s Introduction is by renowned civil rights leader Ambassador Andrew Young, and the Foreword is by Africa’s leading businessman, Mr. Aliko Dangote. Sanders’ credits the determination of Africa’s SMEs to step into the void left by 40 years of post-independence development efforts that had little impact on overall poverty reduction and job creation in the region.

The book also has recommendations on what donors, the African Union, African Governments, and the new U.S. Administration can do to further assist Africa SMEs. For the US, Sanders notes that as the new U.S. Administration seeks to have markets for its goods and services as part of its efforts to reinvigorate jobs in the US Rust Belt (the Midwest Region), and as Africa SMEs expand their procurement sources and help expand the region’s manufacturing base – both efforts can be synergistic, and help stimulate America's as well as Sub Saharan African economies. There is also an extensive discussion on China called the China Factor – highlighting what it is doing in the Africa SME sector, both the big pluses, like special economic zones, the potential role of the New Development Bank, and becoming the world’s net credit lending country, as well as noting some of the things on which it needs to do better. Other areas of focus are on Africa SME women, youth, and a range of examples of the innovative small businesses on the Continent in areas as far ranging as agriculture, climate change, tourism, and creative apps to improve quality of life.

Included in the book are DataGraphs from the world- respected Gallup Analytics® on the enabling environment for Africa’s SMEs and comments on the importance and impact of the region’s SMEs from other key notables such as Gallup’s Managing Partner Jon Clifton, Nigeria telecom leader and Chairman of Etisalat Nigeria Hakeem Belo Osaige, CEO of the Nigerian Stock Exchange Oscar Onyema, Chairman of Operation Hope John Bryant, CEO of Homestrings Eric Guichard, former Senior U.S. Small Business Administration official Ngozi Bell, and the Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Congo, Madame Yvonne Adelaide Mougany. Dr. Frederick G. Kohun, nationally-recognized scholar of Pittsburgh’s Robert Morris University (RMU), a University Professor of Computer and Information Systems at RMU’s School of Communications and Information Systems, underscores Sanders point  in the book that the impact of Africa SMEs is not only a result of technology and its mobility, but the sister relationship that these have with providing access to knowledge management for communities around the world that have helped small businesses globally transform their societies and their nations.

The prestigious Association of Diplomatic Studies and Training (ADST) has included Sanders' Africa SME book in its recognized series of Memoirs and Occasional Papers Series (MOPS) given its additional focus on the role and changes in diplomatic approaches to development over the ages, including the shift changes brought about by the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

See other stories on Sanders' book and the press release on Africa's premier online media platform Allafrica.com at these links: Sanders' New Book Notes the Insta-impact of Africa's Small Businesses; and, Rise of Africa’s Small & Medium Size Enterprises - Robin Sanders

A FEEEDS Series Blog Spot

Saturday, February 18, 2017

 Amb. Sanders' Comments on Key Role of White NCS Senior Africa Position

Also see: Allafrica.com compendium article on same issue, which includes a Sanders quote: http://allafrica.com/stories/201702120101.html

Overall there has not been much news on President Trump’s Africa policy and all of us who are Africa hands, who care about the Continent, and who  have worked on Sub Saharan Africa issues over the years have for the most part been pleased that the region in recent years has been a policy area of important bipartisanship, especially legislatively on things like AGOA, and better partnership engagement in a range of areas from business to development - all expanding and extending with signature programs like PREPFAR (HIVAIDS) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in earnest under President George W. Bush, with President Clinton in his second term opening the door with his six-nation tour of the region in 1998.

Right now, the US is losing out big time in the region to China on all fronts, particularly as Africa becomes the largest market for goods and services (hello US Rust Belt!) and business opportunities on top of becoming home to the world’s largest working age population.  Thus, whoever ends up leading the Africa Directorate at the National Security Council (NSC), where I served as a Director, as well as have many other esteemed Africa experts, will need to know the region well not only politically and economically, but be more than mindful of how important the role of culture, mutual understanding and respect are in building the right kind of relationship with the region, its leaders, its business community, and its burgeoning young population - in addition to realizing and taking advantage of the enormous business potential of Sub Saharan Africa. We would be making a mistake and losing out even more to China in the region if we boil our engagement down to harking back to the 1960s and Cold War days of seeing Africa solely through a military lens. Make no mistake, however, that Africa will also be a good partner on the fight against terrorism, but that should not become the only center of our relationship with this dynamic and important region of 1.1 billion people. Thus, whoever is appointed the new NSC Senior Africa director should have the qualifications, experience and breadth of regional knowledge on top of the leadership role within the U.S. Government interagency process to ensure that all of these fundamental policy areas - business, development, particularly in power, energy, education, and health, and security - continue to shape our relationship with the region. The talent of Republicans who have these skills sets, knowledge, and expertise about Africa are many and all of us who work on Africa, as well as Africans in the region, would like to see one of them in this critical position.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sanders' Al Jazeera Article: Gambia Next Step & No Impunity for Jammeh

See Ambassador Sanders article from Al Jazeera Online on Next Steps for Gambia politically and economically and why it is important for ECOWAS,  African Union, and the international community to not let former President Jammeh off the hook on impunity and stealing millions from the Gambian people:   http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2017/02/big-hopes-gambia-170204132036125.html

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sanders on #VOA:Sees Trump "Business-Focused" Administration Being Interested in SSAfrica

Ambassador Sanders is featured on January 25, 2017 Voice of America (VOA) news report, noting that Africa has "always been one of the few region's of the world where there has been bipartisanship, with Republicans and Democrats in successive US administrations, and she underscores that she doesn't expect that to change."  Sanders sees the Trump "Business-Focused" Administration viewing Sub Saharan Africa (SSAfrica) as an important business and manufacturing partner, with opportunities for both the US and the SSAfrica Region and their workers and middle class. See clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNXjQ9buask&feature=youtu.be