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Updated Entry-Featured Media Placement List of Amb. Sanders' Book on Impact of Africa SMEs

Updated Media Placement List: The Rise of Africa Small and Medium Size Enterprises: Spurring Development & Growing the Middle Class

In addition to being featured in the prestigious national magazine Publishers Weekly, highlighted as a "quality business book by Top Link Publishers," recognized by diplomatic peer reviewers by the Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training (ADST) and the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) for quality books by former U.S. Diplomats, the book has been coverer by the following quality media outlets from New York and London to Tokyo, and Shanghai. It was also featured in the African Union News. Its new e-book format (with clickable links for all 500+ footnotes & references) was also features in the leading national e-book magazine "BookMad."  

Book’s Video Link & Other Television/YouTube links:

Book Media Video Trailer - Called  "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises"  - see on the FEEEDS Youtube channel at: or

World Affairs Council - Washington, D.C. (to be televised November 12, 2017)

Pittsburgh's Robert Morris University -

Voice of America - Sanders on Voice of America on Africa SME Book: 549.html

Television Continental (TVC): 

U.S. Diplomatic Journals:

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA):
Sanders new book "The Rise of Africa's Small & Medium Size Enterprises,"in The Foreign Service Journal's November 2017 “In Their Own Write” edition  and can be found  on this page focusedson recently published books by for United States Diplomats. The Foreign Service Journal is published by the American Foreign Service Association (AFSA), an organization of current and former members of the United States Foreign Service (U.S. Diplomatic Corps),

Nationally Recognized E-Magazine for Features:

BookMad -

Book Reported on or Featured in following National & International Sector-Specific media:

A.) Banking, Finance Investment Distribution Channel

B.) Books Distribution Channels

C.) Business & Economy Distribution Channels

Book’s Print Media Coverage

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sanders speaks at Pittsburgh's Robert Morris University's School of Business

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WorldAffairsCouncil DC Hosts Amb. Sanders' Book with Honorable Linda Thomas Greenfield As Discussant

The two hour World Affairs Council (WAC)"Author Series" program on the impact of Africa's small businesses (better known as SMEs) on development and growing the region's middle class featured the immediate past United States Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield, and Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders with the latter book, "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises," being the featured book for the WAC November, 2017 program. The program was opened by the WAC of Washington, D.C. President Anthony R. Culley-Foster, and the Honorable Ambassador to the African Union, Arikana Chihombori Quao, was not only in attendance, but shared comments with the audience on the importance of Africans and Africans in the Diaspora not forgetting the devastating impact of the history of the Continent from the Berlin Conference of 1800s to today which has affected the development of the   region,  adding that Africans and Africans in the Diaspora must be  united as one voice. #AfricaSMEs. Sanders's book can be found at:

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Prestigious Publishers Weekly Features Amb. Sanders’ New Book


              Updated Press Release & Book Summary

Prestigious Publishers Weekly Features Sanders’ New Book in October 2017 Issue


Washington, D.C. October 10, 2017 – Ambassador (Dr.)  Robin Renee Sanders’ new book on “The Rise of Africa’s Small & Medium Size Enterprises” (SMEs) is an insightful examination of the dramatic shift in the development paradigm for Sub Saharan Africa – driven in large part by the imaginative, innovative and insta-impact leadership of many of the region’s small businesses or SMEs. “SMEs have helped drive economic growth and aided in increasing the size of the Continent’s middle class,” Sanders says. The book will be featured in the prestigious Publisher's Weekly Magazine’s October 2017 issue, and was cited and ranked high by Top Link Publishers for its " analysis and research as a quality book on business development." The book's Introduction is by renowned civil rights leader, former United Nations Ambassador, and entrepreneur supporter Ambassador Andrew Young, and the Foreword is by Africa’s leading businessman, Mr. Aliko Dangote, who himself began his fortune by starting off as a young entrepreneur and remains an advocate for the sector. Former President George W. Bush upon receiving the book, noted its "thoughtfulness" and also thanked Sanders for her continued "work to improve lives" in the region.  Dr. Sanders worked for Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama during what she described as the paradigm shift-change years of U.S. policy toward a more positive, partnership-based relationship with Africa; she also shares some related diplomatic vignettes in the book from those years, and has done a TEDxTalk on impact of Africa’s SMEs,


About the Book: Ambassador Sanders says the core of the book's message is about development and the key role that Africa small businesses have and are playing and they are one of the keys to the region's forward progress on job creation, trade, manufacturing, and expanding the middle class. Sanders’ credits the determination of Africa’s SMEs to step into the void left by 40 years of post-independence development efforts that had little impact on overall poverty reduction and job creation. Sanders' perspective is that donors took note of the efforts of African Generation Xers and Millennials and also stepped up significantly to expand support and training to Africa's SMEs. The book also has recommendations on what more donors, the African Union, African Governments, the United Nations, and the new U.S. Administration can do to further assist Africa SMEs. There is also an extensive chapter discussion on China – called the China Factor - on what it is doing in the Africa SME sector, such as the big pluses like special economic zones, the potential role of the New Development Bank, how China can help even more as the world’s current net credit lending country, as well as point out some things on which it needs to do better. Other key chapters address the positives and challenges remaining in the region on the democracy front for many countries; for Africa SME women, particularly the gap in their access to financing, and the need to train more young girls in STEM fields; and, the need to introduce more and more of the Continent's young people to entrepreneurship. The 530-page heavily-researched book (with 500+ footnotes and references), includes DataGraphs by the prestigious Gallup World Poll, which partners with Ambassador Sanders, along with, on holding key annual events on Africa issues. These DataGraphs help underscore the key issues and points in the book on the role and importance of Africa's SMEs in moving the region forward.  The book is available on, or for signed copies from Ambassador Sanders order from:


Author’s Bio Note: Ambassador Sanders served as one of the U.S. Government’s top diplomats on Africa over an extensive career in the United States Diplomatic Corps with senior positions ranging from Ambassador to the Republics of Nigeria and the Congo, two stints as Director for Africa at the White House, and the U.S. Permanent Representative to the West African Regional Organization ECOWAS. Dr. Sanders received her doctorate degree from Pittsburgh’s Robert Morris University in information systems and communications and is known as a thought-leader on Africa’s national security to its development, political and economic issues. She has a particular focus on the SMEs, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs,) the global international consensus document to combat poverty issues. She has testified before the U.S. Congress on many of these topics. Sanders is the recipient of the U.S. military’s joint Chiefs of Staff Award, the highest U.S. military honor given to a civilian; serves on the U.S. Trade Representative Africa Advisory Committees; is a member of the prestigious Academy of Diplomacy of former senior U.S. Government officials; is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor from Congo; and has six Department of State Awards (Superior and Meritorious). Sanders also is a Distinguished Public Service Scholar at RMU, has two Master’s Degrees (International Relations-African Studies and Communications) from Ohio University, and is a Visiting Scholar under the CIC Woodrow Wilson Program. Her first book, The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria,, is also available on    

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BookMad Sept2017 E-Magazine-Spolights Amb. Sanders' New E-Book Version of her work on Africa Small Businesses

BookMad E-Magazine September 2017 issue - Spotlights Ambassador  Sanders' new E-Book Version of her work on Africa Small Businesses. See page 11 of BookMad's September 2017 issue of featured e-books!

To View BookMad's September issue, page 11 for Sanders book. See iTunes: ; and
    Google Play at…