Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Sanders' Blog Bits: October - December 2023

Sanders' Blog Bits (entries are in ascending order):

November-December 2023:

 --Dr. Sanders attended the Foreign Policy Magazine's session on "Takeaways from the Biden-Xi Meeting” on the sidelines of the November 17, 2023, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in California. Analysis underscores the U.S. and China mended some fences such as on return to US-China military communications, some cooperation on AI, help on reducing phentenol precursors, and respecting each other as competitors. 

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 --Amb Sanders attended DC's World Trade Center event hosted by African Ambassadors to the United States for the new Presidential African Diaspora Advisory Council. #PresidentialCouncil #AfricaDiaspora

 --Ambassador Sanders, as former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, joined hundreds of esteemed guests, including former Director of Nigeria's Bank of Industry attending the wedding of WNBA star & ESPN Anchor Chiney Ogwumike.

#NBA #WNBA #ESPN #ChineyOgwumike #Nigeria #NigeriaBankofIndustry

 --As Director of Smarter Grid International (SGI), a solar energy company in Nigeria, Dr. Sanders will attend the UN Global Compact sessions on COP28. #SGI, #ClimateChange #SolarEnergy #CEOFEEEDS #AmbSanders

 --As part of COP28, Dr. Sanders was invited to the Foreign Policy Magazine's forum on COP28 issues such as solutions for a warming planet, which had a focus on the powerful impact of collaborative efforts across various levels of governance and civil society. #COP28 #ClimateChange

 -- Amb. Sanders attended the Corporate Council of Africa's (CCA) 30th Anniversary Celebrations, which focused on highlighting the various key leaders who both created, developed and grew the organization to what it is today - one of the leading entities building and maintaining US-Africa business ties and relations. #CCA #USAfrica #CorporateCouncilofAfrica

 --As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Amb. Sanders attended CFR's China session featuring Ambassador Nicholas Burns, who discussed the evolving U.S.-China relationship, the strategic opportunities and challenges it presents, and the narrative on power and cooperation in the 21st century. #CFR #CouncilofForeignRelations #USChina #NicholasBurns

October 2023:

 -- Amb. Sanders, in her advisory role with RFG Foundation which focuses, assists, provides internships, and scholarship to the next generation of students studying international affairs and global issues, will participate in key programming and help lead key development events for the 2023 RFG Fellows being held at the Nigerian Embassy under the auspices of Nigeria's first female Ambassador to the U.S., Her Excellency Ambassador (Mrs.) Uzoma Emenike. The focus on education and providing leadership to the next generation is a key pillar of importance for both Ambassador Emenike and Ambassador Sanders. #Education #Leadership #Nigeria #AmbassadorEmenike #AmbSanders #NigerianEmbassy 

-- Dr. Sanders' invited to participate in Foreign Policy Magazine’s "Her Power" event that brought together leading women in foreign policy, business, government, academia and the private sector to discuss issues revolving evolving careers, and leadership in all sectors of the workforce. #FPMagazine, #CEOFEEEDS #AmbSanders #Leadership #Workforce

 -- Dr. Sanders is featured in the 2023 Bentley-Gallup Business in Society Report, quantifying Americans’ attitudes toward businesses and the impact they have on personal lives and society more generally. In the report, 63% of Americans said businesses have an extremely or somewhat positive impact on people’s lives, up from 55% in 2022. Americans still draw a clear distinction between big and small businesses, with small businesses (85%) seen as twice as likely to have a positive effect on people’s lives than big businesses (42%). Sanders' comments are on page 27 of the full data report - The Bentley-Gallup Business in Society Report, can be accessed here:


#Gallup #BentleyUniversity #WorkAttitudes #SmallLargeBusinesses #CEOFEEEDS #AmbSanders 

 -- Dr. Sanders was invited to the 2023 Fall Sessions of the IMF held in Morocco, participating virtually. Key sessions attended by Dr. Sanders were on global financial & GDP growth pictures, creating a more even playing field for non-Western economies, women entrepreneurs, financing for startups, sustainable development issues, an Africa brief, etc. #2023IMFMeetings #StateofGlobalEconomicGrowth #WomenEntrepreneurs

September 2023:

-- Amb. Sanders attended key global & Africa events as part of UN week:

As a UNGlobal Compact member, her focus was on climate change, biodiversity and climate-smart small businesses and innovation.

As a senior advisor for the Concordia Global Issues Summit, Amb. Sanders attended summit sessions with Presidents of Turkey, Paraguay, Ecquador & Montenegro, and leading international business leaders from the US and across the globe.

#UNGlobalCompact #Concordia #AmbSanders #CEOFEEEDS #ClimateChange #SMEs

-- Dr. Sanders attended the following Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine UNGA 78 events focused on several of FEEEDS key areas:  FP Energy Forum, FP Tech Forum, and Live Taping of Global Reboot

#FP #Energy #Tech #GlobalIssues #CEOFEEEDS #AmbSanders

 -- As part of the Sub-Saharan Africa Business & Investment Summit UN Program, Ambassador Sanders led 3 sessions at the Nigerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, focusing on energy issues and innovation (new projects around solar energy), climate change, US-Africa trade issues and how to further advance these efforts, Internet access issues, and importance of ensuring more value addition for Africa project, and strengthening inter-Africa trade. #AfricaTrade #AfricaInternet #climatechange #Nigeria #InvestinAfrica

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