Tuesday, October 17, 2023

FEEEDS "Blog-Bits" for First Half 2023

Continuing in 2023 with our new adopted short format blog bullet entries (although think-pieces will still be done on ocassion), below so far is the 2023 list of key activities for Ambassador Sanders either academically (lecturer or moderator) or as part of her work under FEEEDS or FE3DS, LLC 

June 2023

-- As a visiting scholar at Temple University's new Africa Trade and Training Institute, Dr. Sanders lectured on several key US-Africa trade issues, US trade financing, and also in separare sessions on challenges to Internet access and connectivity world-wide, but especially in the Global South (TAP blog point: there needs to be a new phrase/wording for countries considered part of this grouping) with women world-wide, having he least opportunity for access, learning, and connectivity to the world-wide web. Other Sanders' key lecture points were that what gets lost by development agencies when seeking to address these issues is also the need to focus on challenges related to costs for service, and access to power sources for charging devices. 

May 2023

-- Amb. Sanders was invited to Atlantic Council Distinguished Annual Leadership Awards, its first all-female honoree slate for Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Director-General, WTO, Hon. Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence; Adena T. Friedman, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Nasdaq Inc, Gen. Laura J. Richardson, Commander, US Southern Command & The Women & Girls of Iran. Also during the event, the Atlantic Council called attention to the rising role of women’s leadership in shaping a better world. #AtlanticCouncil, #CEOFEEEDS, #WomenLeadership, #WTODG, #NASDAQ, #NatlIntelDir,#USSouthCommand, #WomenGirlsofIran


-- As part of New America's 2-day Symposium on "Mapping the Digital Future," Dr. Sanders was invited to participate as an ICT scholar as part of the working group focused on areas of challenges and developing suggestions and plans to address "Global Internet Connectivity and Access Issues," especially for women/girls, as well as regional/country differences, country-blocking, privacy issues. As a Gallup Senior Scientist, Dr. Sanders presented key Gallup findings on global and country connectivity and access data.  (Bio note: Amb. Sanders' doctorate degree is in information systems and technology).

April 2023 

-- FEEEDS participated in the 2023 IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in sessions on climate change, entrepreneurship, global financial challenges/global growth issue for key business sectors

-- Sanders attended Foreign Policy Magazine's Climate Change Summit on key issues and progress areas, and lack there of on the world's greatest challenge areas besides the worrying growing number of world conflicts.

February 2023: 

-- Amb. Sanders served as election observer in Nigeria's 2023 Presidential Election, under the USAID-funded joint collaborative NDI-IRI mission. Included are some pictures from the elections (face-front  pics: asked by them to take pic with them or  permission received by them)




January 2023:

-- Amb. Sanders participated in the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center session hosting Judd Devermont, Biden Special Assistant & Senior Director for African Affairs at the NSC on the administration’s objectives and strategy for engagement with Africa in 2023. #NSC, #WhiteHouse, #USAfricaPolicy, #CEOFEEEDS, #AtlanticCouncil