Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Catching up on Backlog Posting:) End of 2022 Activities of Interest

Dear Blog - yes, have been away for awhile, (but not inactive:), so will be playing catchup for hanging there. Picking up the "pen," on TAP now from end of 2022 (see LinkedIn for a more), from the long haitus from blogging. 2023 activity list to follow....  


December 2022:

-- Dr. Sanders attended the Atlantic Council's Africa Center high-level fireside chat on US-African engagement on the AfCFTA and the future of US-Africa trade all linked to the Dec. 2022 US-Africa Leaders Summit, featuring Ambassador Katherine Tai, the 19th United States Trade Representative, and Secretary General Wamakele Mene of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). #US-AfricaTrade, #AfCFTA, #USTR, #Mene, #AmbTai, #CEOFEEEDS, #AmbRobinSanders, #AtlanticCouncil


-- Ambassador Sanders, as Chairwoman of the US-Africa Trade Advisory Committee (TACA) the US-Africa AGOA Ministerial in Washington DC, she represented, as an observer to the talks, the US private sector and other members of the TACA during the official talks


-- Amb. wrapped up 2022 by attending USG-Africa Ministerial on AGOA as Chairwoman of US-Africa Trade Advisory Committee (TACA); USEXIM's Annual Conference where her firm, #FE3DS, helped secure a renewal long-term battery project receive EXIM's Sub-Saharan Africa Deal of the Year; and Pres. Biden's US-Africa Summit & Business Forum with African Presidents.


November 2022

-- Dr. Sanders was invited to attend Foreign Policy Magazine's & Population Institute event on the global impact of the world’s population surpassing 8 billion people, which is projected to take place on November 15. This people growth with the backdrop of global crises, slowdown in global economic growth, and the people impacted most - women and girls. #ForeignPolicyMagazine, #GlobalPopulation, #CEOFEEEDS, #GlobalCrises


-- Amb. Sanders had the pleasure to be a key speaker, as a Gallup Senior Scientist at Meridian House-USIP event highlighting global internet connectivity and internet access issues. As Gallup Senior Scientist, Dr. Sanders presented #Gallup Global Data on world, regional and Africa-specific challenges in this area, noting largest impact on Africa's women, at-risks communities around the world, and small businesses:; #SMEs, #Gallup, #CEOFEEEDS, #Africa, #InternetAccessConnectivity 

September 2022:

— Amb. Sanders participated in Foreign Policy Magazine's UN-related event discussing insights from leading policymakers, development practitioners, on fallout from the Russia-Ukraine crisis and how multilateral institutions can identify targeted strategies to more effectively support the world’s most vulnerable. #ForeignPolicyMagazine, #UN2022, #Multilateralism, #Vulnerable, #UkraineRussia

 -- Amb Sanders participated in Foreign Policy's (FP) & Food for the Hungry's event focused on exploring measures that can help mitigate risks for fragile economies, conflict-affected countries, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical instability, inflation and climate change. Actionable recommendation: global stakeholders develop innovative plans to assist. #FoodCrisis, #GlobalConflicts, #Inflation, #SupplyChain, #ForeignPolicy  #Food4Hungry, #CEOFEEEDS, #AmbSanders, #FEEEDS

 -- Dr. Sanders attended a discussion with His Excellency President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia. The elected President came into office for the 2nd time highlighting his goal of a more inclusive government & greater stability. #Somalia