Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Ambassador Robin Sanders on AlJazeera News- Discusses Biden's US-Africa Summit Goals and Outcomes - Dec 16, 2022

Ambassador Robin Sanders, who attend several key sessions of the recently held US-Africa Summit by U.S. President Biden, discusses the importance of the U.S. Administration's reset with African nations, and its emphasis on trade and investment, particularly in the areas of transportation, infrastructure, climate change & renewables, while keeping focus on our core values of democracy, human rights. She noted the level of commitment and investments that were made at the December 13-16, 2022, Summit held by the President, including noting investments with large and smaller companies such as Nigeria's Sapele Power, PLC (
Sapele Power Plc Online) and its project with the US company ESS Inc. (Long-duration Energy Storage | ESS, Inc.), which manufacturers long duration energy storage. See Sanders' AJA interview at this link:  https://youtu.be/DTbtv2P-Zpk

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