Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Blog Bits: Early September - Late August 2023

September 2023

-- Amb. Sanders attended key global & Africa events as part of 2023 UN Week:

As a UNGlobal Compact member, her focus was on climate change, biodiversity and climate-smart small businesses and innovation.

As a senior advisor for the Concordia Global Issues Summit, Amb. Sanders attended summit sessions with Presidents of Turkey, Paraguay, Ecquador & Montenegro, and leading international business leaders from the US and across the globe. #UNGlobalCompact #Concordia #AmbSanders #CEOFEEEDS #ClimateChange #SMEs

-- Dr. Sanders attended the following Foreign Policy (FP) Magazine UNGA 78 events focused on several of FEEEDS key areas:  FP Energy Forum, FP Tech Forum, and Live Taping of Global Reboot. #FP #Energy #Tech #GlobalIssues #CEOFEEEDS #AmbSanders

-- As part of the Sub-Saharan Africa Business & Investment Summit UN Program, Ambassador Sanders led 3 sessions at the Nigerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York focused on energy issues and innovation (new projects around solar energy), climate change, US-Africa trade issues and how to further advance these efforts, Internet access issues, and importance of ensuring more value addition for Africa project, and strengthening inter-Africa trade. #AfricaTrade, #AfricaInternet, #climatechange, #Nigeria, #InvestinAfrica

August 2023

-- Sanders attended key West Africa policy brief and discussion on the growing number of coups in the region, with prestigious Africa Policy Group under the auspices of George Washington University

-- Under FE3DS, LLC, CEO-Sanders, as Chairwoman of USTR's Trade Advisory Council on Africa (aka TACA) participatged in briefing, discussion, and timing of the upcoming US-Africa AGOA Ministerial, which will take place in Johnanessburg, South Africa in November 2023