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Sanders' Blog Bits: January - March 2024

 Sanders' Blog Bits: January - March 2024

Our new format over last 18 months is to convert to a 'Blog Bits," format of issues we are involved in through the year. When feasible and warranted, the longer more traditional blog articles that The Africa Post, prepared in the past will appear. Entries are in ascending order:

March 2024:

--  Amb. Sanders was invited to attend the CFR session "In Conversation" with 4 former USG National Security Advisors: Tom Donilon, Stephen Hadley, Condolezza Rice, and Susan Rice. #USGNSC #USG #CEOFEEEDS #USGNationalSecurityAdvisors #SecRice, #AmbRice, #AmbSanders

--  Dr. Sanders was invited to a key security briefing by the National
Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) on how the agency is addressing new
threats, strategic defense competition between the United States, China, and
Russia, and how emerging technology is shifting the defense landscape.
#NGA #China #Russia #US #technology #nationalsecurity

-- -- Dr. Sanders was invited to attend the UN Economic Commission on Africa's flagship Conference of Ministers. The focus of the 3-day event was transitioning African economies. #UNEconomicCommissionAfrica #CEOFEEEDS #AfricaEconomy

-- Amb. Sanders attended the recognition dinner for Ugandan Royal Highness
Sylvia Nagginda Luswata. The dinner focused on the importance of African
culture in society, and the key role of Her Highness' organization, and women
overall, in ensuring cultures’ legacies and future roles are nurtured and protected.
#Uganda #AfricaCulture #AfricaWomen #CEOFEEEDS

-- As a Board Mentor, member of the London-based Criticaleye organization, Dr.
Sanders has contributed to several of their articles and interviews on key issues
related to leadership and boards. See articles:  
2. Making the Leap from Executive to NED:
3. Putting ESG at the Heart of Your Strategy:

#Global2024Outlook #ExectoNED; #CEOFEEEDS. 

February 2024:

-- Ambassador Sanders attended Gallup's Center for Black Voices (CBV) Program, as part of her Black History Month activities. The event was opened by Gallup's CEO, with Gallup's CBV Director present key data. The event focused on CBV data and polling on life experiences in the U.S. Other notable attendees included students from Morgan State University (MSU), Howard University, as well as MSU's Career Center Associate Director. #Gallup #MSU #CenterForBlackVoices #CEOFEEEDS

January 2024:

-- Amb. Sanders attended a CFR policy session on “The Future of China and
China-U.S. Relations” & highlights of the Biden-Xi meeting as part of “A
Conversation With Liu Jianchao”, Minister, International Department, Central
Committee, Communist Party of China. #USChina, #BidenXi, #AmbSanders,

 -- Amb. Sanders attended the joint World Bank & Center for Global Development
session entitled “2024 Global Economy: Turning a Corner?” The session focused
on both challenges and prospects such as: the world economy facing a turbulent
period: growth projected to remain subdued in 2024; tight monetary policy;
restrictive credit; financial stress; climate disasters; and a weaker Chinese
economy. This is concurrent and/or on top of current escalating Middle East
conflict. #2024EconomicOutlook #WorldBank, #CFGD, #AmbSanders,

 -- Amb. Sanders participated in the Brooking's Institute's "Foresight Africa 2024 Launch," seminar on Africa's 2024 economic and growth outlook. This includes a further slowdown as a result of high inflation, severe currency depreciations, heavy debt burdens, and more climate change-driven environment, weather and food security challenges (NB: 2023 already was the hottest year on record). All this keeping in mind still in 2024, the Continent will still be the fastest growing region in the world, with the youngest population in the world. Despite this outlook, there are a number of pluses such as a thriving entrepreneurial and innovative framework -- all points Amb. Sanders wrote about in her noteworthy 2014 book: "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Businesses: Spurring Development and Growing the Middle Class” (Foreword & Introductions by Amb. Andrew Young and Aliko Dangote). #AfricaEconomy2024, #Brookings, #AmbSanders, #CEOFEEEDS, #Innovation, #Entrepreneurship, #AfricaSMEs

-- Amb. Sanders was invited to attend the Washington, DC dinner and discussion
between US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and China's new
Ambassador to the United States. #USChina, #USNationalSecurityAdvisor,
#ChinaAmbassador, #CEOFEEEDS, #AmbSanders

-- Amb. Sanders invited to attend the Council on Foreign Relations dinner with
US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and the new Chinese Ambassador to
the U.S. #CFR, #USChina

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