Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ambassador Sanders' Closing Remarks at the Aviation Safety and Security Workshop

Closing Remarks
U.S. Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders

Aviation Safety and Security Workshop
Hilton, Abuja
November 18, 2008

Good evening. I am honored to be here with you once again as you wrap up this workshop focused on making the skies safer for air travel in Nigeria. Over the last two days you have challenged yourselves, and each other, to create an atmosphere that allowed each and every one of you to understand what it takes to move toward the Category 1 status you are seeking, and, more importantly, to work together as you move forward to attain that status.

I am very impressed with the results of the workshops and with the commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm you have shown throughout. From what I have been hearing, you seem to have fully embraced the "Changing times, changing strategies" theme aimed at making the skies safer in Nigeria.

To fully realize the benefits of this conference, we need to make sure that we move forward together- as partners- to operationalize what we have learned in the many workshops over the past two days. Please know that the U.S. Mission in Nigeria supports you in this effort. As partners in aviation, we are also partners in the future of Nigeria. I commend you for what you have accomplished and have full confidence that as we move forward, together, we will achieve our shared vision of truly safe skies for Nigeria.