Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sanders Makes "New Global Landscape" Speech @ Westminster College

As Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar - Sanders makes key National Security Speech

Westminster College invited Woodrow Wilson Visiting Scholar
Dr. Robin Sanders, the former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, for an intensive week-long visit. Ambassador Sanders conducted classes, seminars, workshops, and lectures and  met with students and faculty members informally throughout the week to share her practical knowledge in the areas of foreign policy, human rights, and living in a global community.

Sanders speaking with Westminster College President after delivering "New Global Landscape" keynote speech

“Dr. Robin Sanders was a perfect fit for Westminster College. Our students had a chance to meet a world-class leader with a deep knowledge of foreign affairs, helping to create better understanding and new connections between the academic and nonacademic worlds,” said Jorden Sanders, Student Government Association President. "We were delighted that Ambassador Robin Sanders had time to get to know our campus and to explore in depth how the classroom and campus relate to the broader society.”
Wesminster College President Forsythe added that his students benefitted greatly from Sanders extensive experience as a global leaders and her indepth lectures on a range of national security issues.

Click below to read Dr. Sanders public speech on the "New Global Landscape" given at the Westminster Historic Church of St. Mary.