Friday, November 14, 2014

Ambassador Sanders with CNN's Isha Sesay on Boko Haram & Chibok Girls


Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders discussing Boko Haram and missing Chibok girls in a November 12, 2014 interview on CNN International with Isha Sesay.
Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders, during her November 12-14 book tour in Atlanta, Georgia, to launch "The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria," she met with Isha Sesay prominent and internationally recognized for reporting excellence, CNN News Center Host Isha Sesay to discuss Boko Haram and the state of play in finding the still missing Chibok Girls. Both Sanders and Sesay emphasized  the distressing nature of the continuing tragedy. Sanders key points were the role of human intelligence was crucial in finding the girls, and for traditional standing armies like Nigeria's it was difficult to transition to responding well to asymmetrical ware.