Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ambassador Sanders Discusses Nigeria's Postponed Elections on Al Jazeera America

Having work on the run-up to Nigeria's 2011 election, Al Jazeera America and Al Jazeera English, interviewed Ambassador Robin Sanders, on her views on the recently postponed Nigerian 2015 elections.  The issue of security in the North remains a challenge, but the postponement has embolden Boko Haram's self perception as attack in the North continue and now in addition to Borno, Yobe, and Adamara, Gombe has now been included in its regularly attacks from female suicide bombers to attacking and killing innocent villagers in the state. She notes that it is important to understand that the recently announced African Union Force of 7,500 could take from 4-6 months to stand up, while the regional military forces of Chad-Niger-Nigeria-Cameroon try to recapture territory and provide some stability in certain areas of the now four states affected. On Nigeria's election Commission, called INEC, Dr. Sanders gives them high praise, particularly its Chairman Jega who she worked with during the 2011 pre-election period, for doing everything possible to be administratively ready for the elections with nearly 70 percent of voter cards distributed to the 68.4 million registered voters. 
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