Monday, January 23, 2017

Amb. Sanders Discusses Sectors Trump Administration Will See SSAfrica As Important 

Washington, D.C. - Ambassador Robin Sanders discuss key areas in which the Trump Administration can see Sub-Saharan Africa as an important region in which to remain engaged. She highlights business and as manufacturing partners, particularly with Small and Medium Size Businesses (SMES) as well as in education and partnerships for young people ( the key people to people exchange among American and African millennials), through the Young African Leaders programs, in health, particularly the #PEPFAR program, and in security as it is in both the U.S. and the Africa region's interest to do so to continue to reduce the efforts and inroads Al Qaeda and ISIS seek to make in African countries. In addition she underscores that Africa has always been a positive bilateral region where various U.S. Administrations have done and enacted initiatives which have helped both the United States and the region and she does not see that changing. Many leaders and current chairpersons of key Congressional Committees such as Chairman Ed Royce of the Foreign Relations Committee, Chairman Chris Smith of the Africa and Global Health Sub Committee and Senator Corker  Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee all know Sub Saharan Africa (SSAfrica) well and  are big supports of Africa focused programs on business, young people, education, and health. Ambassador Sanders noted in the interview that the market potential of the SSAfrica will be something that President Trump and his team will see as a positive not only for US big manufacturing, but also as Africa ramps up its manufacturing base the US will be a source of goods, services, and supplies that can assist SSAfrica nascent manufacturing sector.

Bio note: Sanders, as a senior career diplomat in the U.S. Diplomatic Corps, has worked for successive Republican and Democratic Administrations and was appointed as Ambassador to Congo by President George Bush. See clip of interview on Nigeria's TVC television news channel: