Sunday, June 18, 2017

Dr Sanders's TEDXTalk VCU Video: Endangered Nigerian Cultural Symbol & Motif Called "Uli"

TEDxTalk VCU Presentation Title: Endangered Cultural Patterns, Symbols & Motifs – The Importance of Their Non-Verbal Communication -  In her first of two TEDX Talks - Ambassador Robin Sanders highlights the importance of protecting endangered sign, symbol and motif systems around the world, noting that what she calls these non-verbal "communication expressions," are just as important as to the global community as written languages. She also notes that endangered communication expressions, should be have a similar world effort to preserve and protect them along the lines of what is done for endangered species and wildlife. Her end points in this TEDxTalk is twofold: there is a need to create a world list/index of endangered sign, symbol, and motif systems in order to ensure more effort is made to preserve and protect them as we lose something as a global community when they disappear, so more awareness and advocacy is needed to ensure their legacies, and, cultural communication expression are in and of themselves information systems just like an written language would be. Her TEDXTalk VCU provided a window on this issue through her presentation on one of Nigeria's disappearing symbol and motif systems called "Uli," on which she also wrote a book called "The Legendary Uli Women of Nigeria," as well as shining light on a number of other endangered systems around the world. Ambassador Sanders did extensive research on this issue and Uli, as both issues were the focus of her dissertation in Information System and Communications at Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh.  See below video of her  TEDXTalk at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her second TEDXTalk is on her new second book "The Rise of Africa Small and Medium Size Enterprises," and that video will be posted soon. Both FEEEDS® Series books are available on The Legendary Uli Women of NigeriaUli Video Link  ; and "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises." Also available for viewing on TEDXTalk VCU YouTube site: or on Ambassador Sanders' YouTube FEEEDS Channel:

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