Monday, January 15, 2018

Africa Reaction Continues on Derogatory White House Comments About Continent-I Stand With These Comments!

I have never written a first person blog since I started this blog back in 2009, but feel compelled today as a followed up to my tweet on the same subject (derogatory comments about African, Haiti, etc., basically countries of color) several days ago where I said "I stand by the comments by the African Union; President/Governments of Ghana, Namibia, and now Botswana (am sure others countries will follow) against the reported derogatory comments made from the White House about Africa - this vibrant, rich, bastion of humanity, historic Continent filled with wonderful people and places. I love the Continent of Africa and as a result, and have been shocked and dismayed by the reported recent comments. Africa has been my home for years as I worked and represented the American people and the United States of America as have so many other dedicated, hard working American diplomats, military, U.S. private sector personnel, NGOs and civil society colleagues as well as the average American tourist or expatriate who has lived in the region. In this view, I along with numerous other former U.S. colleagues have expressed their shock via a written letter about the reported characterization of the Continent and other countries of color by the White House. This is not the American way, and cannot become the American way!

Reaction continues to filter in from around the world on this issue, and African Ambassadors assigned to the United States are convening here in Washington to determine their next steps as noted in their statement: The recent statements attributed to the President represent a sad day for values of America's democracy, but they are also a test of our democracy, which I believe will and must prevail. We as a country must remain committed to the values that have made us the beacon of light for so many in the world. We must continue to be that beacon!

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