Thursday, May 27, 2021

Human Rights Issues of U.S. Policing A Year After George Floyd's Death - What the Data Tells Us?

Dr. Sanders appeared on Detroit-based radio program "The Lavenia Perryman Show," to discusses her recent article in on Human Rights Issues of  U.S. Policing A Year After George Floyd - What the Data Tells Us, featuring data from Gallup's Center on Black Voices & Pew Research Center. Her clip also highlights 100th anniversary of the Black Tulsa Massacre. 

Begin at minute 36 in the link:​. Also see Social media promo cards:'s show broadcasts live in metro Detroit & available outside of Detroit on Facebook Livestream, iHeartRadio, Roku, Apple​TV,​ etc.​; interviewer, executive producer Janie D. Hazel 

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