Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My One-one-One Interview with NTA

I appeared on One-on-One, a live interview program on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the largest TV network in Africa, on Wednesday April 21, 2010 from 13:30-14:30. I answered questions on the positive impact of the Nigerian Acting President Jonathan’s visit to the United States and whether this strengthened the U.S.-Nigeria bilateral relationship. I said yes. I also talked about the newly established U.S.-Nigeria Binational Commission (BNC), Niger Delta, visa issues, food security, current political events in Nigeria and other general issues of importance to the U.S.-Nigeria relationship. Discussing Acting President Jonathan’s meeting with President Obama and the signing of the BNC by Nigerian Secretary of Government, I noted that they were landmark events underscoring the strong friendship between the U.S. and Nigeria. Gbenga Adewusi was on the other side of the table with inputs from the general public. This was my first major television interview after Acting President Jonathan's visit to the United States. Read the transcript here