Monday, April 12, 2010

Quotes by Ambassador Sanders from International News Sources on Nigeria

"The commission will probably be made up of four working groups, the U.S. ambassador to Nigeria, Robin Sanders, said in a telephone interview. These groups will focus on good governance and elections, the Niger Delta and related security concerns, energy and investment, and food security. "

Nigeria Pledges to Work With U.S. on Energy, Security (Update1)
US ambassador Robin Sanders praised "the leadership shown by the National Assembly, the Governors' Forum, several Ministers, and the courts in finding a way out of the political impasse". "The best interests of the country and the future of Nigeria have been well served by this action."
US praises Nigeria on 'democratic handover' (Friday, 12 February 2010)
U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria Robin Renée Sanders told reporters at a Washington Foreign Press Center briefing April 7 that the binational commission serves to strengthen democratic institutions essential to Nigeria's election in 2011, and to addressing energy insufficiencies, as well as food security and development in the Niger Delta."We will also support Nigeria's efforts to strengthen its democracy, civil society and fight corruption," Sanders said.
U.S., Nigeria Pledge Greater Cooperation (Thursday, April 8, 2010)
AFRICOM (from sory):