Friday, July 30, 2010

July 18 Election Speech at Nigerian Institute of Management

I am out on the stump with some tough love messages on election reform, the election timetable, and the need to make a decision soonest on when an election will be held in Nigeria in 2011. I was asked to speak (click here for remarks) at the Nigerian Institute of Management which is a distinguished organization of management specialist in a number of fields. My remarks focus on the time table need to hold credible elections between now and early 2011. I have some illustrative example stating that every month from now Nigeria needs register or validate the registration of 13 million new voters. The election date is not set, but everyone believes it will either be January 2011, or April 2011. I have met with the new Chairman of INEC and he is committed to trying to do his utmost to ensure a credible election. I wish him well with his efforts to ensure a transparent election.