Monday, July 19, 2010

Women for Change Initiative, Nigerian Women on the Move

2000 Nigerian Women Strong said "Yes We Can" for Change at the July 16, 2010, launching of Nigeria's Women For Change Initiative opened by the First Lady of Nigeria Dame Patience Jonathan. I was asked to be the keynote speaker at the event to highlight the achievements of both Nigerian and African-American women -- both past and present. I mentioned pioneering Nigerian women like Kuti and Alele Williams and African-American standard bearers like Mary McLeod Bethune. I also called for women to be involved in Nigeria's cornerstone and transformative 2011 election as it is a "must-do" for Nigeria to get it right as regards to both election credibility and transparency. The event organized by the Minister of Women Affairs, Josephine Anenih underscored the commitment of First Lady Dame Patience to work with this NGO to stop violence against women as well as work to improve the overall lives of Nigerian women in the areas from health care to education. She also called for an increased in job opportunities -- particularly in government -- for women at all levels. It was wonderful to hear more than 2000 women shout "Yes We Can!" on all these points in the Abuja Women's Center. It was great and I am with them all the way (as I was deemed one of the Ambassadors For Change in addition to giving the keynote). It is time for a change and the Women For Change Initiative (WFCI) is a step in the right direction!! WFCI NGO will focus on economic development, health, education and self-help for women. WFCI is open to all Nigerian women and other elements of WFCI will be highlighted during Nigeria's 50 independence celebrations!

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