Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nigeria Election 2015: FEEEDS Highlights Key & Huffpost Articles

CEO-FEEEDS Ambassador Sanders, flanked by speakers Drs. Carl LeVan & Raymond Gilpin, and Gallup World Poll MD Jon Clifton at April 9, FEEEDS-GALLUP-Allafrica Nigeria Election Event

CEO-FEEEDS, Ambassador Robin Renee Sanders partnered with Gallup World Poll and on a  Post Nigerian Election Event on April 9, 2015. The event highlighted polling data on Nigeria's 2015 elections' critical issues important to the voter, and challenges ahead for the nation. It also examined polling data on critical development issues key for the African electorate writ large given the 14 upcoming elections  in Africa in 2015. These include Burkina Faso, Burundi, Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guinea, Libya, Mauritius, Niger, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, Togo, and Zambia, and the @the FEEEDS Index launched at the April 9 event emphasized that housing, food security, education, and health were not only key issues that Africa's electorate wanted to see addressed, but also noted that many Africans did not have a sense of "well-being" living in their countries.  The new  @the FEEEDS Index polling data from the event will be posted on the The Africa Post in the coming week. @the FEEEDS Index is powered by Gallup Analytics. See the following articles related to FEEEDS regarding the Nigerian 2015 elections and the hallmark April 9, 2015 event:

Nigerian 2015 Elections: FEEEDS Key Media Articles:
1.) FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica Post-Nigerian Election April 9 Program - Successful Unique Event; Polling Data Highlights Voters Views; @The FEEEDS Index Launched:  

2.) Ambassador Sanders Huffington Post article: Nigeria's Election: A Seismic Political Shift 

3.) FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica pre-event article by Sanders & Loschky: 

4.) FEEEDS-Gallup-Allafrica pre-event press release: