Thursday, August 26, 2021

Amb. Sanders on "The Gallup Podcast" on Africa Development Issues, Noting Key Role of African Women & Youth

Ambassador Sanders discusses a 
variety of Africa development 
issues with Gallup's 
Mohamed Younis on 
"The Gallup Podcast." 

In the podcast, Sanders
highlights the 
importance and linkages of 
data-policy-dialogue to 
concretely understand and 
improve life-quality and 
development for Africa, especially for 
Africa's women, who are the backbone 
of the Continent in many ways.

She also stressed the key role of the
Continent's large youth bulge of current
and future leaders, in a range of areas from
entrepreneurship to social enterprise to fintech,  
civil society, education, and in the agriculture and health 

For more research data on key Africa development issues, including data on how women and Africa's young people feel about important sectors from education to health, and housing to whether their country is a good place to start a small business or if they feel secure or are concerned about their well-being, including whether they believe they are "thriving," or not, see this year's 2021-2020 @theFEEEDS Research and Data Indices: 

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