Friday, August 27, 2021

Ambassador Sanders, CEO-FEEEDS, Appointed Concordia's Senior Advisor, Prestigious Leading Global Organization Fostering Collaboration on Global Issues

Below follows Concordia's announcement of its new Senior Advisors, who will help the organization further its mission to "create a global community where challenges are solved collaboratively and inclusively by actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact." Ambassador Sanders will be participating in Concordia's upcoming annual summit of world political, business, and social impact leaders held during this year's United Nations session. Dr. Sanders will also advise and lend insights for its international and domestic events and meetings throughout 2021-2022.

We’re thrilled to announce the appointment of 60 Advisors and Senior Advisors to the Concordia community for 2021-22. 

Selected from a pool of over 125 nominees, this impressive group of individuals, representing a multitude of sectors, industries, and geographies, will play an instrumental role in guiding the direction, development, and growth of Concordia over the next 12 months. From lending their insight into policy developments to sharing their expertise on innovations in their respective industries, Concordia’s Advisors and Senior Advisors are carefully selected by Concordia’s executive leadership, Leadership Council, Board of Directors, and staff, and serve for a one-year term. 

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