Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Nigeria's Venture Garden Group ICT Firm Host Sanders SME Book Event

One of Nigeria's leading ICT companies, Venture Garden Group (VGG), gathered some of Nigeria's leading entrepreneurial incubators and startups to have a discussion with Ambassador Sanders about their companies' innovative ICT businesses addressing many of the country's development, access and supply issues, by creating technology responses to these challenges.

Many of the innovators were women businesses ranging in app creation for ICT services to web design and coding. One of the favorites of the Ambassador  during the evening event was speaking with the founder of "MaxGo," one of the larger SMEs which Sanders had written about in her book "The Rise of Africa's Small and Medium Size Enterprises," as a business or service being created out of a need.

MaxGo is an Uber-like motorbike  services which supplies a helmet and dust mask for its drivers get busy Lagosian from one place to another in the constant grid-lock traffic of Nigeria's commercial capital Lagos weaving in and out of traffic which Uber cars cannot do. (A FEEEDS BlogSpot).